Choco Dough Duo Chilly Burger


Yesterday, after a heavy lunch at Brasas in Podium, we went searching for coffee or dessert. Dessert won of course, and everybody went straight to Sebastian’s Ice Cream. It was my first time, so I did not know what to expect. Everybody started ordering and when I looked at the menu, I was curious about the Chilly burgers. My friend pointed at it on the chiller, and I got the Choco¬†Dough Duo. On the first bite, I was in heaven! I took a picture first, and then after I was quiet. My friend asked what is the problem and I said, this ice cream deserve my full attention! It was yummy! Good thing Podium is farther from my office than Robinsons Galleria so I won’t be tempted to have this for dessert everyday!

What a yummy discovery! ¬†Sebastian’s is located at the 4th floor in Podium, near the escalators.