My Top 10 Places in the Philippines

I have been to several places in the Philippines and if asked about my Top 10, my list would be, in reverse order:

  1. Batangas (aside from it being my hometown, I love the mountains and the beaches!)
  2. Mt. Pinatubo (who would have thought that something so destructive could be so beautiful as well!)
  3. Ilocos Norte (my husband’s hometown, I was surprised that this was such a beautiful place!)
  4. Cagayan De Oro (too many places to visit and to many things to do!)
  5. Davao (great food, great place, great people!)
  6. Cebu (a city of rich history!)
  7. Bohol ( a delight for Catholics with its many churches, hopefully they can be restored!)
  8. Boracay (white sand, great sunset, great party!)
  9. Mt. Pulag, Benguet (Playground of the Gods!)
  10. Coron, Palawan ( if there is one place in the Philippines that you have to visit, for me, this is it!)
Kayangan Lake

Swimming at Kayangan Lake in Coron, Palawan